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Thursday Jan 19, 2017 in Conductors Corner by Dylan Cullis   () comments



The Windsor Express dropped to 3-6 after a 91-87 loss to the London Lightning. The Express are currently on a three game losing streak and are still without starting point guard Darren Duncan.

Yeah, it’s not the greatest opening line if you’re rooting for Windsor, but don’t worry, you’ll enjoy the column by the end (stay with me on this one). 

Now, being the team videographer, I have the privilege of getting a close and personal look at the Windsor Express every home game and occasionally on the road. I’ve been around these players during their warmups, their timeouts, their locker rooms, and even truck stops on the road.

This team has heart. A lot of heart, passion, and strong will.

So why the bad start? Well, that’s a good question. I don’t know, ask Coach Bill Jones and tell him I sent you (I’m joking, please don’t).

You can’t entirely blame the coaching staff, but you can’t entirely blame the players either. All jokes aside, there’s a lot of negatives and positives to this teams situation. I’m not creating excuses for the Express either. This team is better than their record, but things happen and here we are. I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t “break it down”, so here I go.


The Windsor Express seem to have a problem on deciding who their primary scorer should be. They have yet to establish who their feeding the ball to or who they’ll rely on to carry the game. I’m all for team basketball and offense, but if you don’t have a primary scorer that attracts multiple defenders, everyone is going to be standing still. Not literally of course, but you want defenders to shift towards a player they think can change the game. When that happens, players are left open and should be ready to shoot or finish the play.

I do realize that the team is still not fully together (Duncan still injured), but for the time being, this team has to develop an offensive system that allows a player or two to thrive. I feel as if Duncan’s injury is a part of the reason why this team hasn’t established an offensive scheme. The Express currently have NO ONE in the Top 20 in Scoring.  

Now, you’re probably asking yourself “Well, Jeremy, who do you think should be that primary scorer?” That’s a good question, but I don’t know. Ask Coach Jones and tell him I sent you (Again, I’m joking. Please DON’T ask him). 

Who do I think? There’s so many options to choose from. Quinnel Brown has appeared and even earned Player of the Week honors.  His numbers have increased and he’s only going to look better the more he gets his touches. Wally Ellenson has impressed me the most so far. I wouldn’t label him as a “primary scorer”, but when he’s hot, the Express got to feed that boy the ball. He’s professional, charismatic, and a team first kind of guy. Warren Ward is another guy in that same boat as Ellenson on the court.

I really like Maurice Jones. Jones has definitely proven himself to be a point guard that can freeze defenders and attack the rim. Should he be the team’s primary scorer? I don’t think so, but I have reason for that. Well, two reasons:

1.     He can attract so much attention off the dribble that it allows other players to move around and get open for a set shot or a quick finish under the rim.  

2.     At the end of the day, he was brought in to play a back-up role. The Windsor Express definitely picked up the right guy and he’s playing amazing starter minutes, but what I’m looking forward to is seeing him become a spark off the bench when Duncan returns  

AND WITH THAT, we segue into the injured list (I’m almost done).  

Although Duncan is still day to day, DeAndre Thomas is back in action with the Windsor Express. I had the privilege of working, filming and interviewing Thomas during the previous four months and I can honestly say that I am HAPPY to see the big guy playing the game he loves so dearly. It’ll be a process to get him to play major minutes again, but isn’t everything?

There’s other things I can bring up for this team to improve on, but I’m pretty sure I’ve passed my word count.

The Windsor Express sit at 3-6, but it shouldn’t be long till they get it going after they establish everyone’s roles when everyone is injury free and ready to play. But then again, someone can say that this team might not ever get it together. Well, that’s your opinion and we’re all entitled to one…

But it’s wrong. This team will be fine.

But what do I know? I’m just watching basketball.


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