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Friday Jan 06, 2017 in Conductors Corner by Dylan Cullis   () comments



The 2016-2017 Windsor Express season is fully underway and after four games, I see good things.

I know, I know. How can I possibly see good things in a team that has gone 1-3 to start off the season? Well, allow me to explain:


The Windsor Express have answered at every position to start the season. Unlike last season, there’s no position that lacks in size or depth. With Nick Evans at the center position standing at almost 7 feet and DeAndre Thomas on the comeback from injury, this team is well on its way to bullying opponents in the post. With backups Jernard Jerreau, Lester Prosper and Shawntez Patterson playing back up roles, fatigue shouldn’t be an issue either (especially with Bill Jones heavy rotation pattern).

Point guard Maurice Jones is also showing a lot of promise as he fills in for injured starter Darren Duncan. He definitely will be coming off the bench as soon as Duncan comes back, but to see them on the floor together in the near future should be interesting to see.

Warren Ward is proving to be the player that I expected him to be before the season started. Watching him during the Windsor Express playoff run last year against the London Lightning definitely made me cringe due to his ability to score the basket and his overall game time attitude. I can honestly say that I’m happy to see him in Windsor Express jersey. He also currently leads the team in scoring.

Former MVP Quinnel Brown has started off slow, but after his 20 point show out against the Niagara River Lions, I can only see him getting back on track to being his usual self.


Head Coach Bill Jones has proven time and time again that his basketball philosophy/game plan works. How? Well, if you look up in the WFCU Centre, you can see two Windsor Express Championship banners. Those are there because Coach Jones has stuck to his coaching philosophy since the beginning, and I don’t plan to start doubting him because of a slow start. He has returning players in Brown, Duncan and hopefully Thomas and has been in a position similar to this after his controversial return to the sidelines last season. Coach Jones and his coaching staff are sticking to their guns and their heavy rotation to bring the Windsor Express back into early contention.


Darren Duncan is undoubtedly our most talented player. With him injured for the time being, it’s understandable to see the team decline. It happens. If Chris Paul or Kyle Lowry went down for the respective teams, it would be fair to say that the Clippers or Raptors record would be affected (not to compare the three, but you get my drift).

Also, fan favorite DeAndre Thomas is on his way back. I had the privilege of working close with Thomas the last four months of 2016 and I, personally, can’t wait to see what he can bring to this team.

With a trio of Thomas, Duncan and Brown playing together again under the same head coach who brought a championship to this city and additions like Ward, Evans, Jones and Jarreau, how could you not see good things for this Windsor Express basketball club? It’s just a matter of time.

Still not convinced? If not, then try looking at it in a practical way:

The Windsor Express are missing key pieces to begin the season. There are no returning players from the previous season and some of these players are still getting to know each other. They had one preseason game and jumped right into the season. What did you expect? They’re not going to be perfect right off the bat. These things take time. 

But, what do I know? I’m just watching basketball. 

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